Vlietzone in P.A.P.A

8 November 2010

Summer 2010
The city of The Hague commisioned P.A.P.A. to visualize the qualities of the area around the Prins Claus Flyover. The concept was made by Lino Hellings.  Marjolijn Boterenbrood, visual artist, drew maps of the area. Cilia Erens, soundartist, composed two soundscapes. Rob van Maanen, cultural psychologist wrote a series of short texts. Photographers Shahidul Alam (Dhaka Bangladesh) and Toye Gbade (Lagos Nigeria) pictured the activities under the flyover in their respective cities. The results of the project will be transformed into an interactive DVD to be used by professionals involved in the development of this area. In due time, the DVD will be available for the general public.