The landscape speaks

29 December 2016

Research on the way the inhabitants of the Karakol valley view their landscape.

The Landscape Speaks is a mapping pilot in the Karakol Valley, a 40 km long wrinkle in the Altai Mountains in the very centre of Asia. Situated in Russia, it is connected with Altai traditions in nearby Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia as well. The Landscape Speaks is an initiative of Arita Baaijens

In August 2016 the seminar “Karakol Valley – The Landscape Speaks” took place to study this landscape from within. Participants from the valley took the effort to leave their hay making for a moment and join a few foreigners (Arita Baaijens, writer, Bas Pedroli, landscape ecologist and Marjolijn Boterenbrood) in carefully observing their own Karakol landscape.