Geur van mest en wier bij Mediamatic

24 May 2018

24 mei Odorama: Foul, Fragrant and Filthy.

With Cris Neill, Lotte Geeven, Yeb Wiersma, Marjolijn Boterenbrood, Lieven Heeremans, Frank Bloem and Sanne Groeneveld


Odorama: Foul, Fragrant and Filthy

It’s obvious that sweet, soft and pleasant fragrances are more attractive than foul and pungent odours. But how come we detest smelly feet and love stinky cheese? During the Odorama edition on 24 May, we’ll explore everything that reaches the nose, including terribly bad smells. Inhale your supressed fears and longings, meet the skunk living in the Amsterdam Zoo through your nose, taste the most stinky cheeses and learn why farts are much more than clouds of smelly gas.